February 26, 2023
The Bevy Hotel
Boerne, Texas

Bevy Hotel - Wedding Fair Show - FAQs

~ FAQ ~

++How much do tickets cost?
$8 per person, available online.

How can I save money at this event?
Shop around! Check out the list of Attending Vendors tab to explore who will be at the show. Also check out our Prizes & Perks page to find out which vendors are giving discounts, promotions and more!

Will there be a fashion show?
Not in the traditional sense. While others may host fashion shows at bridal events, we host fashion displays with LIVE models! This format allows you to walk around the event, meet vendors, and never miss a beat of fashion, as there will always be someone or something displaying wedding attire.

Does my entire group need a ticket or just the bride and groom?
Everyone must be accounted for. This is for your safety and comfort. We want to be sure we have a good idea of who is at the event and how we can better serve you and future fiancees!

Do I need to print my ticket?
Nope! Ticket takers can check your ticket/s straight from your phone. Simply, flash your receipt at the door, and we’ll handle the rest.

Will masks be required to attend the event?
As of now, no. But please be sure to be on the lookout for city ordinances, and we invite you to check back here as the event draws near to double-check.

How many vendors will there be at the event?
Expect to meet over 45 of the area’s finest vendors.

What kind of vendors will there be at the event?
Photographers, caterers, venues, bridal salons, guest entertainment, rentals, everything! If you’re looking for something specific, check the Attending Vendors tab on our site click here to contact us.

What should I take to the event?
Bring yourself, your squad, and energy! You will receive a tote as you walk in and a sash from a popular vendor, but you are more than welcome to wear more bridal regalia.

What can I do before the show to be prepared?
It would be very helpful to make a full page of your information so that you don’t have to continue writing your info at the show. ie: your name, your phone number, your email address, Just cut out 10-20 or so and when you want to register with a vendor or get more information give them your pre-made info.

Will there be food and drink available at the fair?
Yes, we highly recommend you come with an empty stomach, as there will be free catering bites at the event. There will be a bar too, but you are allowed a water bottle for your convenience.

Will the Wedding Fair be implementing any COVID precautions?
We care about you and your health. There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the event, and masks are highly encouraged for anyone that has not been vaccinated.

How many shows are in the year?
We like to host two to three shows a year. We recommend you attend, at least, two since the vendor lineup does change a bit and wedding trends evolve constantly!

Will there be any giveaway opportunities?
Absolutely! Check out our Prizes & Perks page to see all the great prizes and discounts being given away by our show vendors!

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February 26, 2023, Bevy Hotel Wedding Fair Show